Power BI for human resources.

Learn to generate reports on compensations, personnel, overtime, hirings, separations, among others.

We will design a report from scratch, based on a real business case , mastering the creation of KPIs and sharing our report on the web and mobile.

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Courses Objectives.

Share a set of best practices, tools, and methodologies to facilitate the transformation of data into meaningful business information.

Utilize your data sources.

You will learn to connect to spreadsheets, databases, and online services to explore the available information.

Designing indicators.

We will design indicators focused on your business area and challenges, based on the best practices from real projects at Eucariota

Security and Access.

Ready to publish the report, we will learn how to do it securely, taking into account the licensing and security scenario of your organization.

Power BI for human resources.

Tracking reports, annual summaries, GAP analysis, hirings, separations. A world of indicators in a single BI report.

Phase 1. Objetives

Analizaremos el caso de negocio de tu equipo, generaremos un documento con el diseño de la solución, y nos conectaremos a las fuentes de datos.

Phase 2.

We will transform our data into information through calculations and the creation of indicators, which will serve as the foundation for our report.

Phase 3. Presentation

We will publish the report, learning to schedule its automatic updates and share it within the organization.

Phase 4. Publication

Publicaremos el reporte, aprendiendo a programar su actualización automática y compartirlo en la organización.


Module 1.

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Power BI Platform
  • Objectives in our Power BI solution.
  • Connecting to Data Sources in Power BI Desktop / Power BI Web.
  • Data Cleansing Prior to Import.
    • The Query Editor
      • Change Log
      • Advanced Editor.
      • Data Formatting.
      • Data Transformation.
      • Data Merging
      • Data Union
    • The Report Editor
      • Page and Report Design
      • Design Canvas
      • Data Modeling
      • Relationships
    • Visuals in Power BI
      • Standard Visuals
        • Columns
        • Bars
        • Area
        • Representation
        • Geographical
        • Filters
        • KPI
        • Cards
        • Tables
      • Store Visuals
    • Relationships between Data Sources
      • Introduction to Relationships
      • Types of Relationships
      • Cardinality
      • Simple and Bidirectional Filters
    • Data Modeling
      • DAX Formulas
      • Quick Measures
      • Custom Measures
      • Calculated Columns

Module 2.

  • Power BI Licensing
  • Power BI Web Account Creation
  • Power BI Web
    • Workspace/Groups
      • Dashboards
      • Reports
      • Books
      • Datasets
      • Web Editing
      • Mobile Editing
      • Printing
      • Publishing on the web without security
      • Secure Sharing
      • Embedding in SharePoint Online
      • Export to PowerPoint (Add-in link)
  • Power BI Data Gateway
    • Connection Methods
    • On-Premise Installation and Configuration
    • Configuration of Data Sources in Power BI Web for Data Gateway
    • Scheduled Updates
  • Security (Row Level Security)
    • User Profile Creation
    • User Profile Assignment
  • Power BI API
    • Introduction to Power BI Embedded
    • Licensing Scenarios
    • Example ASP.NET Power BI Embedded Application
  • Introduction to Narratives with Power BI
    • Favorites Panel
    • Visual Selection Panel
  • Introduction to Power BI Self Service
    • Power BI Q&A

The most popular integrations.



Microsoft Sharepoint




SQL Server


and more

Nosotros. Instructores comprometidos.

Instructores MCT.

Certificados por Microsoft para enseñar. 

Microsoft Partner

Profesionales certificados en Tecnologías Microsoft.

Profesionales con experiencia.

Los instructores de nuestros cursos son profesionales activos en proyectos de implementación en las tecnologías que enseñan.

Actualización permanente.

Nuestro equipo de profesores y consultores renuevan sus certificaciones anualmente, asegurando que los cursos siempre tengan conceptos actualizados.

Nuestro enfoque.

La mejor manera de aprender una nueva tecnología es mediante una combinación de teoría y práctica basada en casos reales.

Garantía de satisfacción.

En Eucariota estamos comprometidos con la calidad de nuestro servicio.

Aprendizaje asegurado.

En caso de no quedar satisfecho podrás tomar nuevamente el curso sin costo adicional.

Acompañando tu proyecto.

Se incluyen 2 horas de consultoría para aplicar lo aprendido en tu negocio.


Certificados vinculables con Linkedin para mostrar tus conocimientos.

Aprender haciendo.

Nuestro enfoque es 100% práctico, y recomendamos a nuestros clientes seleccionar un caso de negocio propio como base práctica de nuestros cursos.

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Human resources
with Power BI.

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Power BI for human resources.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our course is specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses seeking training. It is aimed at teams and professionals looking to enhance their skills and competencies. We provide tailored content for corporate growth and development, offering tools and knowledge that will boost business performance.

Yes, our course is tailored to the specific needs of your business. We provide guidelines on the fundamental concepts to be covered, and then design the course in a personalized way to address the specific challenges your company is facing. Our goal is to ensure that by the end of the course, participants have developed a product that adds significant value to their business.