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Power Apps is a Microsoft platform for rapid application development, enabling the deployment of digital solutions in a short time. It includes offline functionality, mobile versions, and connection to your data.

More Data.
Less Code.

Web and mobile applications, quickly implementable. Even if you have no programming experience.

Web and mobile.

Offline capacity.

Easy to maintain.

Microsoft Power Apps

Cloud based solution.

Development in a few days.

Integration with your systems and platforms.

Low maintenance cost, only OPEX.

Offline work.

Our field applications are optimized to operate in areas with limited or no internet connection.

This ensures full functionality, with automatic synchronization once the connection is restored.

An invaluable solution for operations in areas without guaranteed network access.

Cross platform.

Our PowerApps applications seamlessly adapt to different devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones in both vertical and horizontal formats.

Furthermore, they provide integrated access to key functions such as camera, microphone, and image gallery.

This native versatility not only reduces development costs and time but also streamlines deployment, delivering a complete and accessible experience across all devices.

Supported by Microsoft

A service created by Microsoft for application development, ensures technological sustainability backed by Microsoft’s track record.

This reliability translates to security when choosing to work with them, ensuring that the technology will evolve continuously without risks of obsolescence, providing a solid foundation for the constant evolution of your applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Power Apps utilizes Microsoft Dataverse for data storage and management. Additionally, it provides built-in benefits due to the comprehensive low-code security and governance policies and features implemented by Microsoft.

The Power Apps for Developers plan offers a development and testing environment for free. Take advantage of the ability to create applications and flows without the need for coding, thanks to the comprehensive development tools of Power Apps and Power Automate. Additionally, it facilitates collaboration and content sharing with other users.

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