BI Reports and Solutions.

Unlock the potential of your data.

Data platform governance

Quality analysis of data models

Global Management Dashboards

Real-time data streaming

Security and deployment of BI Solutions

Consultoría en definición de indicadores.

A measure of success.

Transform each piece of data into a strategic asset for your business.

Design and deploy management indicators based on reliable data sources.

Business challenges. Enlightened decisions.

Data governance policies.

Consulting in indicator definition.

Extraordinary results.

Development of metrics and KPIs.

Daily notifications in your inbox.

Integration with multiple data sources.


Identifying and organizing your data to reveal hidden opportunities, laying the groundwork for intelligent decisions.

We assess the quality of your data, establishing a solid foundation for informed and strategic growth.

At the end of this stage, organizations have a reliable data source to begin building effective and trustworthy management dashboards.


We transform large volumes of data into clear and effective indicators, enabling your team to make agile and informed decisions.

We implement BI solutions that turn your data into interactive dashboards and accessible reports, accelerating decision-making based on clear and updated information.

The achieved result allows us to publish reports securely and efficiently.


Together, we define data governance policies that enable secure consumption of information.

We support end-users in the interpretation and application of indicators, strengthening informed decision-making guided by data.

How can we help you?

Our senior consultants are available to provide guidance on all our solutions.

BI Reports and Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our main products and services are based on Microsoft technologies, including Power BI and SQL Server. Additionally, we perform report migrations from other technologies such as QlikView and Tableau.

Yes! All our projects include licensing consultancy to ensure optimal use of resources and cost savings on software licenses.

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BI Reports and Solutions.


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