of business processes.

Do you need to replace Excel spreadsheets with a robust system, with greater security and automation?

This course will teach you how to create applications and databases intuitively, facilitating the growth of your business processes safely.

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Course Goals.

Create a complete application to replace your spreadsheet in which you enter the content of a business process.

Scalable and secure applications.

We will create a database, reducing common spreadsheet errors, while assigning permissions for each user.

Design screens.

Create, load and display information forms in a few hours with all the necessary functionality to scale your process.

Use your application from anywhere.

We will learn to publish applications in mobile and web format, to use your processes from anywhere.

Digitalization of business process

Our course is ideal for teams that use complex spreadsheets and need to scale to a simple and at the same time robust system.

We will create an application from scratch, with your data, management indicators, and business rules.

Phase 1.

We will create a data model that can scale as the business grows.

Phase 2.


We will create loading and information display screens, in mobile and web format.

Phase 3. Business rules

We will design automatic and on-demand processes for data validations, notifications, and approval circuits.

Phase 4. Management indicators

We will create a BI report connected to your new database, to explore and analyze the information generated by your business.


Module 1.

  • Model design
  • Creating tables and columns
  • Good practices for a scalable application over time
  • Mobile and web applications
  • Information upload forms
  • Screens to view lists and records

Module 2.

  • Creation, reminder and expiration notifications
  • Approval processes
  • Growth Possibilities: Electronic Signature with DocuSign
  • Connecting to your data to create a management dashboard
  • Good practices in indicator design
  • Specific recommendations based on your industry and process

The most popular integrations.



Microsoft Sharepoint




SQL Server


and more

Us. Instructors commited.

MCT instructors.

Certified by Microsoft to teach

Microsoft Partner

Professionals certified in Microsoft Technologies.

Experienced professionals.

Our course instructors are active professionals engaged in implementation projects within the technologies they teach.

Continuous update.

Our team of instructors and consultants renew their certifications annually, ensuring that the courses always have up-to-date concepts.

Our approach.

The best way to learn a new technology is through a combination of theory and hands-on practice based on real-world cases.

Satisfaction Guarantee.

In Eucariota, we are committed to the quality of our service.

Learning Guaranteed.

In case you are not satisfied, you can retake the course at no additional cost.

Supporting your project.

Includes 2 hours of consulting to apply what you have learned to your business.


Certificates linkable with LinkedIn to showcase your skills.

Learn by doing.

Our approach is 100% hands-on, and we recommend our clients to choose their own business case as the practical foundation for our courses.

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Digitalization of business process

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Business process digitalization.

Frequently Asked Questions.

To key users in each business area, with intermediate knowledge of spreadsheets. In general, those who create and maintain spreadsheets with business processes such as quality management, non-conformity management, customer portfolios, industrial production schedules.

Yes, our courses are closed, live online and/or in person, and are 100% based on a real business case. For this reason, it is important that in the diagnosis process we communicate, to prepare a tailored syllabus, and with a teacher with real experience in business processes in your industry.