Power Automate.

Reduce mistakes with automated workflows.

Reduce errors with automated processes

Integration between systems

Automation of repetitive tasks.

Automatic document creation

Sincronización de datos con otras plataformas.
Optimización y automatización de procesos empresariales.

Don't repeat.

With Power Automate, business tasks experience a quick return on investment by automating routine tasks and allowing focus on what adds value to your company.

Our time on what matters.

Procesos de aprobación.

Greater results.
Less effort.

Optimization and automation of business processes.

Data synchronization with other platforms.

Approval processes.

Microsoft Power Automate

Data-driven automation.

Updating records based on conditions.

Creating documents.

No mistakes.

Process automation reduces the likelihood of human errors by eliminating the need for manual input and consistently following predefined rules.

This can lead to a decrease in costs associated with errors and rework.

At any given moment.

Scheduled processes are triggered at specified times or under specific circumstances. You can schedule and initiate processes at any time of day or night.

This flexibility allows you to plan and execute tasks even outside of regular working hours, optimizing efficiency and ensuring that operations continue without interruption.


The standard and premium connectors of Power Automate make it easy to connect the most popular services to our environment through APIs. Additionally, the versatility of custom connectors allows us to configure them to interact specifically with our own cloud services, ensuring optimal interaction between our systems.

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Process Automation

Frequently Asked Questions.

Our main products and services are based on Microsoft technologies, including Power BI and SQL Server.

Additionally, we perform report migrations from other technologies such as QlikView and Tableau.

Yes! All our projects include licensing consulting to make optimal use of resources and save costs on software licenses.

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